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I-WEN SU Associate Professor
Title Associate Professor
Ext. 88087
Classification Full-Time
Journal Papers
  • 蘇怡文*, 2023.11, 'Ibrāhīm b. Yaʿqūb al-Saʿdī al-Jūzjānī (d. 259/873?) and his Aḥwāl al-rijāl: An Early Systematic Approach to Rijāl Criticism, ' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studie,.(AHCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2023.11, 'Al-Jūzjānī’s Approach to Hadith Criticism and His “Antagonism toward ʿAlī”: A Comparative Analysis, ' Journal of Near Eastern Studies,.(AHCI, MLA, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2023.02, 'The Ten Promised Paradise: a study of the origin and formation of a Sunni doctrine through Isnād-cum-Matn analysis, ' Journal of Islamic Studies, pp.etad002.(AHCI, SSCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2023.02, 'The Ambiguity of Early Hadith Criticism: ʿAlī b. al-Madīnī’s (161–234/778–849) Evaluation of Hadith Transmitters, ' The Muslim World, Vol.112, No.4, pp.492–518.(AHCI, MLA, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2022.12, 'Toward a Sunni Consensus on the Rightly Guided Caliphs: Ibn ʿUmar’s Hadith and Its Transmitters, ' Journal of American Oriental Society, Vol.142, No.4, pp.825-849.(AHCI, SCOPUS, Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2022.09, 'Travel in Search of Knowledge in Early Hadith Science: al-Rāmahurmuzī's (d. 360/970–1?) Conception of al-riḥla fī ṭalab al-ʿilm in al-Muḥaddith al-fāṣil bayna al-rāwī wa-l-wāʿī, ' Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, Vol.48, No.2, pp.47-68.(AHCI, MLA, THCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2022.09, 'The Martyrs on the Mountain: The Early Traditionist Compromise over the First fitna” (originally subtitled, “The Proto-Sunnī Compromise over the First fitna”), ' Journal of American Oriental Society,.(AHCI, SCOPUS)(*為通訊作者)(本論著未刊登但已被接受)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2022.01, 'ʿAlī b. al-Madīnī (161–234/778–849): A Critical Reconstruction of His Biography and Evaluation of His Contribution to Hadith Criticism, ' Journal of Islamic Studies, Vol.3, No.1, pp.1–34.(AHCI, SSCI, SCOPUS, Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2021.01, 'The Early Shiʿi Kufan Traditionists’ Perspective on the Rightly Guided Caliphs, ' Journal of American Oriental Society, Vol.141, No.1, pp.27–47.(AHCI, SCOPUS, Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2020.11, 'Compromise for the Community: the Early Kūfan Soft Shīʿī Traditionists and the Formation of the Four-Caliphs Thesis (al-khulafāʾ al-rāshidūn), ' International Journal of West Asian Studies, Vol.12, pp.304-322.(Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2020.06, 'Abū al-Faraj ʿAlī b. al-Ḥusayn al-Iṣfahānī, the Author of the Kitāb al-Aghānī, ' WikiJournal of Humanities, Vol.3, No.1, pp.1.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.09, 'Commanding Right and Forbidding Wrong? Al-Ṭabarī’s Representation of al-Walīd b. ʿUqba as Criticism of the Ḥanbalīs, ' International Journal of West Asian Studies, Vol.10, No.1, pp.46-59.(Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.09, 'The Family History of Abū al-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī: the Ninth-Century ʿAbbāsid Political Elite and the Ṭālibids in Sāmarrāʾ, ' Journal of Islamic Studies, Vol.29, No.3, pp.417–448.(AHCI, SSCI, Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.03, 'Al-Iṣfahānī’s Fandom in the Kitāb al-Aġānī (The Book of Songs): An Analysis of the Biography of Ibn Surayǧ, ' Jurnal Hadhari: An International Journal, Vol.10, No.2, pp.275-289.(Index Islamicus)(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2016.06, 'Writing History under the Patronage: the Representation of Sulaymān b. ʿAbd al Malik in the Ansāb al-ashrāf and Its Relation to the ‘Abbāsid Court Culture, ' Foreign Language Studies, No.24, pp.1–25.(*為通訊作者)
Conference Papers
  • 蘇怡文*, 2021.12, 'Travel and Hadith Criticism in Early Islam, ' The Fifteenth International Conference of the Taiwan Association of Classical, Medieval and Renaissance Studies (TACMRS): Cultures of Travel: Tourism, Pilgrimage, Migration, TACMRS and NTNU.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2021.05, 'ʿAlī b. al-Madīnī: A Critical Review and Reconstruction of His Biography, ' Brais 2021 Online Series, The University of Edinburgh.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2019.02, 'The Early Shīʿī Kūfan Traditionists’ Views on the Rightly Guided Caliphs (al-khulafāʾ al-rāshidūn), ' The Second International Conference on Islamic Civilisation (ISIC 2019): The Movement of Population, Objects, and Ideas in the Pre-Modern and Modern Muslim World, NCCU and UKM, pp.188-205.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.11, 'Moving Towards the Four-Caliphs Thesis? The Early Kūfan Traditionists' Views on the Rightly Guided Caliphs, ' Sectarian Identity and Community Formation in Islam, The University of Chicago.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.05, 'The Taming of the Dissenters: the Soft Shīʿī Traditionists Move towards the Concept of the Four Rightly Guided Caliphs (al-khulafāʾ al-rāshidūn) in the Late Eighth and Early Ninth Centuries, ' 中東的邊陲世界, 輔仁大學.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.01, 'Al-Iṣfahānī’s Fandom in the Kitāb al-Aġānī (The Book of Songs): An Analysis of the Biography of Ibn Surayǧ, ' Proceedings of 1st International Seminar on Islamic Civilization (ISIC 2018), NCCU and UKM.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2017.11, 'Al-Ṭibb al-Nabawī in the Formative Period: Two Early Examples of Prophetic Medicine by ʿAbd al-Malik b. Ḥabīb and Ibn al-Sunnī, ' 轉型中的阿拉伯國家—經濟與文化面面觀研討會, NCCU.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2016, 'Al-Balādhurī’s sectarian vision: was he a proto-Sunnī?, ' Al-Balādhurī: A Guide for the Perplexed, Oxford University.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2016, 'Commanding Right and Forbiddig Wrong? Al-Ṭabarī’s Presentation of al-Walīd b. ʿUqba as criticsim of Ḥanbalites, ' IMES Research Seminars, Edinburgh University.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2015.09, 'Asserting a Shī‘ī ī past in the history of songs: the Kitāb al-Aghānī and its authorial voice, ' Arabic Pasts: Histories and Historiography, Aga Khan University and SOAS.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2014.09, 'Representations of the Marwanids in the Ansāb al-ashrāf and the reception of its audience in the ninth-century cultural milieu”, ' The Authors, Editors, and Audiences of Medieval Middle Eastern Texts, Cambridge University.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2014.04, 'Writing History under the patronage: the Representation of Sulaymān b. ʿAbd al-Malik in the Ansāb al-ashrāf, ' BRAIS conference, Edinburgh University.(*為通訊作者)
Book Edited
  • 蘇怡文*, 2021.02, 'The Shīʿī Past in the Great Book of the Songs: a New Perspective on the Kitāb al-Aghānī by Abū al-Faraj al-Iṣfahānī and Shīʿī Islam in the Tenth Century, ' Gorgias Press.(*為通訊作者)
Book Chapters
  • 蘇怡文*, 2018.11, 'al-Ṭibb al-Nabawī in the Formative Period: An Analysis of Two Early Examples of Texts on Prophetic Medicine by ʿAbd al-Malik b. Ḥabīb (790-853) and Ibn al-Sunnī (893-974), ' 轉型中的阿拉伯國家:經濟與文化面面觀, 中華民國阿拉伯文化經濟會, pp.59-107.(*為通訊作者)
  • 蘇怡文*, 2019.10, '古蘭經研究與早期伊斯蘭歷史之連結, '.(*為通訊作者)
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